ClearTargets Lens Filters

  • $ 40.00

These ClearTargets lens filters are sold as a pair and are available for the SL-1 Impact Scope.  Because the Impact scope is designed to fit up to 4 lenses (2 in front and 2 in back), these filters can be placed in the front or back of the scope housing with other lenses.  

ClearTargets Charcoal Lens Filter

Much like a pair of sunglasses, the charcoal filter increases contrast and reduces "washout" caused by direct sunlight.  Useful when the entire range is in bright sunlight.

ClearTargets Amber Lens Filter

The amber filter increases contrast by removing blue hues from the shooter's view.    This filter is at its best when there are uneven lighting conditions or the target is in a narrow band of bright sunlight.

A note about using lens filters in Starlight scopes

Filters can be installed and removed repeatedly and will never change the point of impact.  Use them for an entire tournament or for just a target or two.  The choice is yours.