ClearTargets Specialty Lenses

  • $ 195.00

Several specialty lenses are available for ClearTargets for the Meteor Scope to allow the shooter different options in reticles. The Aurora Star, Total Eclipse, and Halo lenses are the finest specialty reticle lenses available.

ClearTargets Aurora Star Lens

Featuring the floating dot that ClearTargets has perfected this lens provides an aiming point that is guaranteed to be optically centered in the lens and is a permanent part of the lens. Your aiming point won't move or be wiped off.

- Available in a 4x lens with a 1.4mm sky blue dot

ClearTargets Halo Lens

 The Halo lens from ClearTargets features a suspended circle that is permanently fused with the lens itself. This lens works well as a second lens behind a pin or dot for indoor spot shooting.

- Available in 0x lens with a 6.95mm fl orange circle

 ClearTargets Total Eclipse Lens

The Total Eclipse lens gives the shooter a cover-up option for aiming. with two magnifications in stock and two different colors of dot you are sure to find a match for either indoor or outdoor 50m shooting.

- Available in 4x or 6x with a 4mm black dot and 4x with a 3mm dark blue dot



    These lenses will bring your shooting to it's fullest potential.