Shooting Staff

Here is a list of our shooting staff for 2017. Contact them at the next tournament for support or questions about the new SL-1 3D scope or just to wish them luck this season!  We are adding new members, so check back regularly for updates.

          Kelsie Lewis, ASA Middle School Open

Luke Parker 

        Luke Parker, ASA Known 50


        Archer Merritt 
                    Archer Merritt, ASA Known 50


              Michael Rathburn 

                        Michael Rathburn, ASA Known 45


                Jackson Frasier 
                          Jackson Frasier, ASA Open C


                     Michael Barnes, ASA Open A

                     Rex Reichert, USA Archery

                Joel Long, ASA Known 45

                Mark Slade, ASA Open C

                Daniel Morgan, ASA Open B