About Us


Starlight(TM) Archery sells the most innovative 3D and target archery scope available on the market. We take pride in the fact that our scopes are 100% made in America. Designing a scope system that puts the shooter in control of their sight picture to reduce distraction and increase the shooter's ability to aim easily is our goal for every scope we make.  Every product is made to exacting standards and built to last.  

You can speak with the owner and see the products at an ASA event near you. Just check out the "Tournaments" page.  You can also check out Starlight products with any of our shooting staff.  To find a staff shooter just click on the "Shooting Staff" page.  


Lane Hoskins founded Starlight Archery in 2014 with the goal of innovating archery scopes for target shooters to accommodate the wide variety of challenges seen on the tournament fields by shooters of all ages and abilities.  He values quality materials and is personally involved in the design and testing of every product.  Before founding Starlight Archery, Lane could be found assisting customers on the range and at archery supply dealers.  He brings real-world experience to each design to help ensure that customers are receiving exactly what they need.  To help him do this, he relies on a handful of shooters that vigorously test each product to fine-tune every aspect of it before it comes to you.   

We enjoy your questions. Please feel free to contact us at any time via email at or by using the links below.