Starlight Meteor Scope

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The Starlight Archery Meteor scope was released during the 2018 season and is designed for the target and field shooter.

The Meteor design is built on the proven Impact 3D scope and miniaturized for target and field shooting. All of the features and quality you expect in a scope from Starlight Archery are present in the Meteor. You have the choice of 6 different pin angles, sunshades and centering rings, a housing that reduces glare and haze, and a lenses that are the finest in the industry from Clear Targets. The diameter of the Meteor has been reduced to 30mm OD allowing a smaller peep sight and much more focused aiming. 

Aiming with a Meteor scope is simplified by reducing your field of view to only the section of the target you need to see. If you shoot NFAA 5-spot targets you will see only the spot you are aiming at, Vegas faces center nicely in the housing, and FITA targets seem to draw your pin or dot directly into the center. this reduction of distractions gives you the ability to focus directly on where you want your arrow to go instead of trying to ignore the places you don't want to hit.

We are also offering a variety of specialty lenses from Clear Targets for this scope. The quality of the Doc's Choice lens enhances the glare reduction properties of the scope and this continues with the Aurora Star lenses with permanent dots molded into the lens. A variety of lens powers and dot sizes and colors are available to suit your personal shooting preferences and needs. We also offer a set of two lenses that can be mounted together - one each front and back of the housing - to utilize a dot and a circle in different visual planes to keep you centered properly and on target for 20yd/18m competition.

If you are an indoor competitor looking for an advantage or an outdoor shooter looking for the best scope available for long range target shooting then the Meteor is designed for you. The Meteor gathered quite a few podium appearances in local USA Archery sanctioned events this season and will help elevate your archery game as well.


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