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Starlight Archery is now offering some specialty lenses from Brian's Custom Lens.
You may have seen shooters using those special colored glasses at major competitions. You know, the ones that sell for about what a rent payment would be?
Brian's Custom Lens offers tinted lenses in yellow, amber, and blue to give you the same increase in contrast that the shooters using those glasses get.
What does this mean you ask? Well, when using the yellow or amber lenses your contrast and definition on targets that are largely the same color - like a foam 3D target for example - will increase letting you see more detail. The target may also appear to be more in focus because of the increase in definition.
With the blue tinted lens your contrast and definition on colored spot faces will increase with the yellow center becoming more visible than the other colors.
Who doesn't want to have a better picture of their target when aiming? These lenses will give you a dramatically different look at your target.
The theory behind this has been proven through film photography. OK, so some of you may have never used a film camera but that's a different post for a different page.When shooting black and white film - which gives you an image that is made up of similar colors - if you want to increase contrast and definition you would shoot through a yellow lens filter. The results can be very dramatic for the finished photograph. The same principle holds true with targets that are largely brown, or any other color when the color is mostly the same on the entire target. Using a yellow filter will increase the contrast you see between different parts of the target - between the 12 ring and the surrounding scoring area for example.
This will be quite beneficial when the lighting is different on different sections of the scoring area or when there is not enough light to give you a well-illuminated look at the scoring area.
The choice of which lens color you use in very personal. The yellow will be a brighter image because it allows more light to pass through the lens than the amber lens will although there is only a 10% difference in the tine. So in higher power lenses, or if you prefer a brighter sight picture, we would recommend the yellow. The blue is for spots and works extremely well on multi-colored faces like the Vegas face or FITA faces.
Try a new lens color and see if you can improve your game.
Lenses are drop shipped directly from Brian's Custom Lens so please allow for additional shipping time.
You can't hit what you can't see!!

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