Return Policy

The coronavirus has caused the cancellation of the tournaments where our customers can try Starlight Archery products in person but we are grateful for our local dealers and are adding more every day.  We hope to see all of you during the 2021 tournament season and want you to feel confident that our return policy allows for ALL customers to try the product.  If you don't like something, ship it back in good condition for a refund or exchange.  Details can be found in the return policy.

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Starlight Meteor Scope

The Starlight Archery Meteor scope was released during the 2018 season and is designed for the target and field shooter. The Meteor design is built on the proven Impact 3D scope and miniaturized for target and field shooting. All of the features and quality you expect in a scope from Starlight Archery are present in the Meteor. You have the choice of 6 different pin angles, sunshades and centering rings, a housing that reduces glare and haze, and a lenses that are the finest in the industry from Clear Targets. The diameter of the Meteor has been reduced to 30mm...

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ZBros Evolution LED kit at Starlight Archery

Starlight Archery has become a dealer for ZBros LED Lights.   We are excited to be able to offer these versatile and high-quality LED light kits directly to our customers. The Evolution light gives the shooter multiple color options in one fiber and with one light controller. You will be able to set more than just the brightness now. If your target needs a different color so that you have the best sight picture and aiming point possible now you can simply program it in. No more losing a blue pin on that one annoying white target, no more having...

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Colored Lenses from Brian's Custom Lens

Starlight Archery is now offering some specialty lenses from Brian's Custom Lens.   You may have seen shooters using those special colored glasses at major competitions. You know, the ones that sell for about what a rent payment would be?   Brian's Custom Lens offers tinted lenses in yellow, amber, and blue to give you the same increase in contrast that the shooters using those glasses get.   What does this mean you ask? Well, when using the yellow or amber lenses your contrast and definition on targets that are largely the same color - like a foam 3D target...

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If you haven't seen what these ladies are doing head to the ARCHER page on Facebook and check them out. Excellent support for the ladies shooting and great advice for everyone. Grab a window sticker or some of their apparel and show your support!

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